S3 Browser Upload And S3 Signed URLs

If you want to distribute content for a limited period of time, or allow users to upload content, S3 signed URLs are an ideal solution. Any AWS IAM principal can generate a signed URL, but in order for that signed URL to be useful, the principal that generated the URL must have the necessary permissions to use it. For example, if you would like Joanne to upload a file to an object in an S3 bucket you own, using a signed URL, the principal that generated the signed URL must have permissions to upload to that object key.

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 - A GAD Update

It's the Mental Health Foundation's Mental Health Awareness Week next week, and I'm glad to see campaigns trying to raise wider awareness of mental health issues. FanDuel, my employer, are doing their part internally, by arranging activities and information sharing forums throughout the week. I'd like to contribute to these efforts by talking briefly about my experience of, and progress with, Generalised Anxiety Disorder. I wrote last year about my diagnosis.

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Profile Switching With iTerm, tmux and Vim

I'll start with a little video demo, which I'll discuss in the remainder of this post. The video below shows me using my default terminal, iTerm 3. I use tmux and Vim inside iTerm3 all the time. I use the ever popular Solarized theme / colour palette. Sometimes though, I'd like to switch between the dark and light versions of Solarized. Before I made the tweaks I'll discuss below, this was a bit cumbersome, and I typically stuck to the dark theme. Being able to readily change between dark and light themes is great for giving my eyes a bit of a change, and helping with fatigue.

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GitLabCI With Jekyll And S3

This site is built using Jekyll. The markdown, and other content, is committed to a Git repository. The Git repository has its origin remote connected to GitLab, with another remote connected to GitHub for redundancy. The Jekyll site is built, and the resulting static content is pushed to an AWS S3 bucket. The S3 objects are stored using the reduced redundancy storage module. All of the content can be readily generated from the Git repository, so I can save money by choosing the lower redundancy storage model.

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2016 Review

With another year almost over, it's time for a review of what 2016 has meant for me. I think it's generally accepted that 2016 has been a pretty horrendous year for many. There have been a lot of celebrity deaths, brexit, and even Donald Trump winning the US Presidential election, and so much more besides. I get to share my birthday on January 20th with the inauguration of the aforementioned fucktrumpet. Each of these could be the subject of their own blog posts. While 2016 has seemed largely negative, there have been a lot of positive aspects too! I'll not dwell on these larger issues here though. This post is more of a journal of my journey through 2016.

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