Better Work Time Balance

I kinda suck at time management. Well, maybe that’s not entirely accurate. I’m easily distracted, and rubbish at saying “No.”. I try to manage tasks and my time, with Bear and Things3. My work can sometimes be project based. By that I mean structured, long running, and not interrupt driven. In contrast, a lot of my work is interrupt driven. Disparate tasks with different deadlines and changing priorities. This can mean deferring something in progress, in order to pick up some higher priority task.

S3 Browser Upload And S3 Signed URLs

If you want to distribute content for a limited period of time, or allow users to upload content, S3 signed URLs are an ideal solution. Any AWS IAM principal can generate a signed URL, but in order for that signed URL to be useful, the principal that generated the URL must have the necessary permissions to use it. For example, if you would like Joanne to upload a file to an object in an S3 bucket you own, using a signed URL, the principal that generated the signed URL must have permissions to upload to that object key.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 - A GAD Update

It’s the Mental Health Foundation’s Mental Health Awareness Week next week, and I’m glad to see campaigns trying to raise wider awareness of mental health issues. FanDuel, my employer, are doing their part internally, by arranging activities and information sharing forums throughout the week. I’d like to contribute to these efforts by talking briefly about my experience of, and progress with, Generalised Anxiety Disorder. I wrote last year about my diagnosis.

GitLabCI With Jekyll And S3

This site is built using Jekyll. The markdown, and other content, is committed to a Git repository. The Git repository has its origin remote connected to GitLab, with another remote connected to GitHub for redundancy. The Jekyll site is built, and the resulting static content is pushed to an AWS S3 bucket. The S3 objects are stored using the reduced redundancy storage module. All of the content can be readily generated from the Git repository, so I can save money by choosing the lower redundancy storage model.

On Being Generally Anxious

I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, or GAD as it’s often known. I can learn to cope better with it. I can take medication to help with the symptoms. It’s part of who I am. I’m no different now that I’ve written this, than I was before. Though now I’m able to put a label on it. Being able to label myself in that manner, is both a relief, and itself a source of anxiety.