GitLabCI With Jekyll And S3

This site is built using Jekyll. The markdown, and other content, is committed to a Git repository. The Git repository has its origin remote connected to GitLab, with another remote connected to GitHub for redundancy. The Jekyll site is built, and the resulting static content is pushed to an AWS S3 bucket. The S3 objects are stored using the reduced redundancy storage module. All of the content can be readily generated from the Git repository, so I can save money by choosing the lower redundancy storage model.

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2016 Review

With another year almost over, it's time for a review of what 2016 has meant for me. I think it's generally accepted that 2016 has been a pretty horrendous year for many. There have been a lot of celebrity deaths, brexit, and even Donald Trump winning the US Presidential election, and so much more besides. I get to share my birthday on January 20th with the inauguration of the aforementioned fucktrumpet. Each of these could be the subject of their own blog posts. While 2016 has seemed largely negative, there have been a lot of positive aspects too! I'll not dwell on these larger issues here though. This post is more of a journal of my journey through 2016.

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On Being Generally Anxious

I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, or GAD as it's often known. I can learn to cope better with it. I can take medication to help with the symptoms. It's part of who I am. I'm no different now that I've written this, than I was before. Though now I'm able to put a label on it. Being able to label myself in that manner, is both a relief, and itself a source of anxiety.

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My Puppet VimRC

Those who know me, know that I'm a Vim user. I've been using Vim exclusively for over ten years. I've tried different editors, and this isn't the place to start the editor-holy-war-debate, but I've always found myself drawn back to Vim for its extensibility, flexibility and power. When I started at FanDuel, I left behind configuration management with Chef and began my journey to understanding Puppet. The excerpt below comes from my ~/.vimrc Vim configuration file, and defines the settings applied to Puppet .pp files.

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Security, Passwords and Password Managers

In this post, I want to talk about staying secure online. This is a less technical post that those I often write. It's aimed at my family and non-technical friends, who perhaps don't appreciate why security online is so important; why choosing unique, strong passwords is important; and why password managers are for everyone, and not just socially-awkward sysadmin code monkeys like me. If you think "…nobody's going to be trying to hack my Gmail account…" then read on!

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