I live and work in Edinburgh, Scotland with my wife Jo and our two cats, Ziggy and Maggie. I work for FanDuel as an operations engineer, with a focus on a DevOps approach to scalable, automated maintainable infrastructure. My interests, both professionally and otherwise are varied, and I hope that this site will eventually reflect that. I have been using and working with the web since the early 2000s. I started learning HTML back in 1995 so that I could have my own little piece of "cyberspace", and my love of the web grew from there!

This developed over the years into a passion for the internet, and what it can offer. I started to learn JavaScript, and then PHP. As I learnt more about accessibility and usability I began to develop my CSS skills; creating tableless layouts and using CSS for all presentation aspects, leaving the markup semantic and clean.

Never being able to satisfy my curiosity, I dived into using and configuring Linux to run my own web server, and kept digging to learn all of the other tools and technologies I work with today. I've migrated to using Ruby as my language of choice, and regularly work with Chef, AWS, Linux and Windows, Splunk and a range of other DevOps tools.

When I'm not designing or developing websites or scalable infrastructure to run them, I enjoy writing and talking about them. I also enjoy playing the guitar and trombone.

I keep a copy of my CV here as well.